Corporate Mobility Programme

Centre for Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) has extensive experience in organising corporate mobility programmes for the past Ten years. With strong international engagement, we receive corporate clients from overseas under the corporate mobility programme. Increasingly, organisation are having programmes initiatives set up in APAC region, requiring them to train their staff for the job. With such market change, organisation need to customise corporate mobility programmes to prepare a ready pool of employees to meet this industrial trend.

Preparing Your People for Doing Business Abroad

Whether you are sending current employees to a new country, or planning to open a new business abroad, it important for your company to learn how to communicate and do business within the new destination. Every country works differently, with different approaches, traditions, and acceptable behaviors, so learning as much as you can before sending anyone abroad is the best way to make sure the assignment will work. As an employer, you have a duty of care to support those in your employ whose job makes them globally mobile. We can help you and your employees understand how to do business before heading abroad. All the services are built and delivered by experienced experts to make sure your employees get the skillset they need for successful communication and work abroad before they go.

We Provide Global Human Resource and Professional Development

For global leaders who need to transform, build and manage across international boundaries. Develop as an international executive, enhance global leadership and management skills.

Is designed to harness the diverse expertise of employee from industry to address real-world problems. To address problems beyond the scope of a single discipline, in collaboration with industry, government and wider community.

An opportunity for educators to share practices across borders and bring international knowledge, skills, and perspectives to their classrooms.

For industry to share the best practices and knowledge, peer-learning, on-the-job training, and the development of personal, professional and intercultural skills and competence.

Why are we different?

International Standards

Programs are developed to the latest international standards, customise to the local and your organisation risk environment.

Global Coverage

With our wide network of local service providers, we ensure that we can support you in every country in the world where you might wish to go. 

Focusing on the customer’s success

We understand customer needs and rapidly respond to changing market conditions.

Efficiency, Effectiveness and Flexibility

Plan according to your individual objectives, size and budget.

Coaching and Mentoring

Experienced leaders who had been nominated from across the business.

Everything Taken Care of

We cover all areas from a detailed planning of your team building event, through the logistic arrangements, up to the coordination and full care during your stay.

Global Mindset & Global Skill Set

The chance to explore the business requirements of countries before you send your people overseas, equipping them with the knowledge they need to work effectively abroad.

Your International Business Success Starts Here

Your International Business Success Starts Here