Global Student Mobility Programme

The Centre has extensive experiences in organising corporate mobility programmes for the past five years. 

We also organise both inbound and outbound student mobility programmes which range from one week to one semester. With our strong links with partner institutions and organisations overseas, we offer unique opportunity for students to combine an overseas travel and cultural experiences with academic learning focusing on specific areas of study.

We welcome both inbound and outbound mobility programmes! Please contact us for further consultation on customised mobility programme for your organisation. We believe with our strong link in the local market and overseas industries, we are able to meet your goals and offer a customised programme that will benefit your organisation. 

Mobility testimonial

经历是最好的成长,两周的研学之旅如期结束。在这段珍贵的时光里,我们有幸学习马来语,参与英文课堂,了解BIM、激光切割,参观农场、公司……不时被同学们高昂的热情、老师年轻的灵魂所感染,他们追求自由与真我,于喧嚣中保持着最初的热爱。 在他们的工作室,我感受到自由、合作、欢乐的氛围,友好交流让来自不同国家的我们走得更近。这一过程中,我学到了知识,开拓了视野,转变了思维,结识了志同道合的新朋友。 时光飞快,我成长了许多,变得更阳光、更自信、更有力量。现在,我有足够的勇气,用我有些贫乏但足够真诚的语言,将想说的话毫无保留地表达。不仅仅是一场报告,一次经历分享,今后任何需要打破沉默的时候,我也一定可以勇敢发声,追寻更好的可能。 异国他乡,灶火燃起,香气弥漫,熟悉的味道植入记忆深处,仿佛家的味道。诱人的美食温暖着我们这些旅途中的人。餐桌旁淘气的小女孩,地上伸着懒腰的野猫,抱着书本匆匆而过的学生……万户千家,幸福的滋味,何其相同。 这里的雨,来得急,倾盆而下;去得快,忽而天晴,彩虹漫天,太阳依旧热烈。如我们一般的来访者,闯入他们的世界,希望不会大浪淘沙,只留下泡沫。相信时光会走远,影像会模糊,但记忆能长存,在这里遇到的每一个人,走过的每一条路都有迹可循,美好的风景会留下值得时常想起的回忆,而我也会用终生去铭记。 离别猝不及防,我们终将走上不同的征途。此时,此地,简单地记录我这勇敢又热烈,23岁中一个平凡又特别的研学之旅。我可能忘记此时此刻我的样子,但我始终会记得这个五彩斑斓的夏天。

Study Tour Shandong University of Technology, China

Global Inbound Mobility Programmes

At CPE, we customised inbound mobility programmes for students from various parts of the world at our campus and branch campuses. Our programmes are designed and tailored specifically to meet students’ learning objectives and at the same time providing opportunity for international students to experience Malaysian culture and hospitality, provides a uniquely Asian and holistic experience that is based on maximizing the potential of students and their future preparation. TAR UMT providing a global and multicultural environment, international students can participate in cross-disciplinary modules from English Language, Business, Information Technology and Technical competencies, languages and cultures to interaction and networking with local students and industries.

Global Outbound Mobility Programmes

At TAR UMT, we have a long list of partner universities from different countries, we encourage and support students to explore and experience many corners of the world. We provide a platform for TAR UMT students to explore the world and participate in outbound mobility programmes with partner institutions to learn and experience the multicultural across the world. The outbound mobility programmes offer international educational opportunities to TAR UMT students and developing cultural awareness and appreciation, professional, social, and intercultural skills as well as building global friendships and networks.

Unlocking World's Borders With Us