Effective Training Begins Here

We provide one-stop training solution to students, alumni, individuals, communities and businesses through workshops, seminars, short courses on professional, managerial, technical and soft skills which are conducted on a regular basis. As an Approved Training Provider of Human Resource Development Corporation (HRD Corp), we offer quality and effective training programmes for individuals to learn and enhance essential knowledge and skills required at the workplace and to become more competitive in the market. At CPE, we assist our corporate clients to fulfil their training needs by offering customised in-house programmes that are specifically tailored to meet their organisation learning objectives and goals.

Types of Training Programmes

Professional Programmes

We offer examination focused revision courses on professional and technical qualification and other certification programmes

Health and Lifelong Learning Programmes

Courses that enhance the personal well-being and on interests of individuals on topics such as health, fitness, dance and sports

Languages and Communication

We offers a variety of short language courses such as English, Japanese, French, Korean and Mandarin to students, staff, alumni and public.

Corporate Training Programmes

In support of lifelong learning, we conduct courses that enhance the personal, social and cultural interests of individuals on topics such as living skills.

Micro-Credential Programmes

Micro-credential Programmes (MCPs) is a digital certification of assessed learning of knowledge, skills and competencies in a specific narrow area or field which can be components of academic programmes or standalone courses supporting professional, academic and personal development of learners.

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